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Explore Germany

At the end of twentieth Century, Rogenilan founder Mr. Kuang has traveled a number of German cities, enjoyed the magnificent Baroque architecture advocating freedom and democracy, admired the Gothic style Cathedral of Cologne, watched rigorous and rational structure of the Renaissance architecture at Augsburg, tasted classical style of architecture filled with aristocratic elegance in Berlin.

Feeling culture

Through the experience of architecture and humanity scene, Mr. Kuang deeply feel the cultural connotation of European architecture, Especially German architecture integrate ancient humanities essence into the building, every detail of architecture can make people feel the profound cultural and humanistic feelings.

Essence of inheritance

After careful consideration and in-depth investigation of the national conditions, Mr. Kuang established Foshan Rogenilan Windows And Doors System Co., Ltd. at 1996, aim to carry forward the quintessence of German culture design and spread high end Germany Style window and door across China which raised new sails in this field. Roge is surname of society nobility in Europe. Nilan is rare flowers of fragrance. Rogenilan are bringing warm and aristocratic experience for upstarts' houses.

Industry milestone

Shortly after the establishment of Rogenilan, we undertake a number of windows and doors project of noble dwellings and villas in Beijing, we are famous for its unique cultural taste, excellent workmanship and strict detailed rules, favored by luxury property owners. Rogenilan pass many rigorous international inspection standards assessment with excellent product quality, unique design essence and excellent results from 2010,won the high recognition and praise of Europe and America customers. It is breakthrough of marketing strategy of symbolic significance, display Rogenilan's spirit of constant striving and transcending ourselves.

A new blueprint for development

In 2016, Rogenilan expanded production scale and move to new plant in Shishan in order to meet the growing customer demand. In 2017, Rogenilan will stand in the forest of windows and doors brands with new style and meet new challenges with pioneer's charming manner. Rogenilan are creating calm and comfortable life for your spaces.

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